3 session synopsis

In our first session, Ontai, Lily, and Ylanna traveled from Caldera to Mar Gaan after hearing about some strange activity in the area (People went into Mar Gaan but noone left). Gathering some information, they found out about a trader who’d come into town with 2 swords, one of which radiated pretty much pure dag nasty evil, the other of which radiated pure good. Ontai attempted to rape Ylanna, who Cause Fear’d him, which put him at odds with the barkeep (running out of the bar screaming at 4am isn’t exactly tolerated). Ontai also shoved his penis in the village well and started humping. We found out that the well delivers different liquids for everyone from out of town as well as the villagers. They met the old Sorceror from the town, who told them that the current sorceror had usurped his position, hexed him, and bought the evil sword, and the mayor had bought the good one.

Next session, Shinji woke up in Caldera after sleeping with his girlfriend, promptly got her arrested and sent to jail, and then skipped town. The party united in Mar Gaan and heard about the mayor’s 1yr old son being killed, with the mayor himself as the prime suspect. They decided to investigate, finding the good sword shoved in the fireplace in the baby’s room. Anyone touching the good sword who wasn’t LG took 1/2 their hitpoints in damage instantly. The party hears of a prophecy about a demongate opening in a town upon the arrival of two opposed swords in the town. They manage to get Fharlangn to reinstate the old sorceror’s powers, and fight a demonically possessed cleric.

Finally, the old sorceror destroys the evil sword using the good one, causing a massive explosion in the sorc’s tower. The party finds the new sorceror’s basement, kills a bunch of guardian demons, freeing up the path to the unfinished hellgate. The new sorceror laughingly explains that this town isn’t the one identified in the prophecy, that it was a diversion, and teleports away. The party smashes the unfinished hellgate into pieces, and then goes back outside.




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